LED Solutions Pro is a US based company and direct provider of the best quality led video displays. We take pride in offering the highest quality LED screens in the market, designed with the best pixels to provide sharp and vibrant images in any setting.

Our priority is to ensure that you enjoy working with us and become a trusted partner rather than just another company. We strongly believe that our success lies in providing top-quality products and outstanding customer service.


On behave of LED Solutions Pro, I would like to thank you for your interest in our business and allowing us to become your preferred LED Displays Solutions Provider. By the shear obsession to details and careful consideration for our clients long term needs, we have earn our reputation as a premier LED Video Wall and custom display partner since 2019.

Our standard practices include:

Selecting the best available solution today

Protecting your investment and adapting changes in technology

Delivering quality products on time and on budget

Provide personalized customer service

Rigorous training and continuous learning of the ever changing tech world

Technologies are constantly changing throughout all industries, at LED Solutions Pro, we make your decision making process easier. We provide you with all everything you need to know according to your own level of understanding. Like my grandmother used to say: “Explain it to me like I’m five”. Or take the highly technical approach. Either way make it easy for you and your board to make a better educated decision.

Motion Lite’ foundation is based on integrity, honesty, loyalty and trust. Our discussion with your staff, our system design, and the proposal we provide are all focused on one thing: exceeding your expectations as your business solutions provider. I personally guarantee that our daily practices will always be in your best interest.

Thank you for your time,

Gabriel Huggins

President/Motion Lite – LED Solutions Pro