• We believe that the House of God ought to be a model of perfection. Why not the Lord’s House in a world where media and technology are pervasive? These resources are excellent tools for conveying this wonderful message, but they will never be able to fully replace the gospel or the power of the Holy Spirit. In addition to making every word and verse far more legible than a projector or other instrument, LED video walls attract people into your message and help them picture what you are trying to convey. You may achieve all of this using LED Video Walls as a background on your stage or hanging from the ceiling, eliminating the need to decorate or alter the stage for each season, holiday, or sermon series.
  • You get a better video quality with an LED Video Wall. LED Video Walls provide a brighter image with improved contrast without relying on ambient light. In addition, LED Video Wall maintenance is quick, simple, and inexpensive. You’ll have an abundance of easy replacement components that can be swapped out with only a few screws. No need for expensive repair shops or service technicians.
  • LED walls are quickly becoming the new standard in places of worship. They have a far brighter image than projectors, are much less expensive to maintain, are far more dependable, and allow for more creativity than standard projectors. LED Video Walls are not affected by home lights since they are a source of direct light rather than projected light. They also do not lose brightness at the pace of a projector, which loses roughly 80% in its first year. Because our LED Video Walls have a lifespan of 50,000-100,000 hours, there will be no need for costly bulb changes.
  • Allow your imagination to flow! Many forms of LED Video Walls (Panels, Foldable, Flexible) allow for an infinite number of combinations, whereas projectors and overhead transparencies are confined to only one!
  • In the end, you’ll save money. Worship Productions’ LED Video Wall is only approximately 15-25% more expensive than a comparable projector, yet it uses around half the electricity. That is, the extra money will be recouped in about 2-3 years, and you will have a considerably greater product.


We offer a wide variety of financing options, according to your needs.


Since the confirmation of your purchase, we take care of the entire process, to deliver a ready-to-use product.


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Since the confirmation of your purchase, we take care of the entire process, to deliver a ready-to-use product.

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