What Pixel Size do I need in my LED Video Wall?

Pixel size is how far the pixels (lamps) are to one another. The smaller the number, the better the picture. Gracefully speaking, your first seats should be 5 ft away for every 1mm. Interested in learning more? Click here to check out our comprehensive guide on pixel pitches.

What is Refresh Rate?

The refresh rate of an LED Video Wall is the number of times in a second that the LED screen hardware draws the data. All of our screens at Worship Productions are of the best quality for churches, and all look the same to the naked eye. However, if your screen is used as a backdrop and being recorder for video, you may see some discrepancies on camera. You can curb that drastically by going to a higher refresh rate like our Sapphire Series – 3800hz.

Am I looking for an indoor or outdoor LED Wall?

This question is important because outdoor panels are generally more expensive than indoor panels. The primary difference is resolution. Since outdoor panels are usually seen from further distances, screen resolution will be lower. Outdoor LED panels will likely be brighter because they are used in sunlight. Also, outdoor panels will be more durable as they need to withstand weather conditions: dust, moisture, dirt, etc. Outdoor panels will consume more energy as well. On the other hand, indoor panels have higher resolution, are less durable to weather, but consume less power. For all these reasons, we recommend indoor panels, unless you need to use an outdoor screen.

What is the maintenance required for LED panels?

Most LED Panels are rated for 60,000 to 100,000 hours. You’ll have these panels for a long time and will get a lot of life out of them. In case something malfunctions, you can get in contact with us and we will give you all the information to properly service and maintain your panels.

Can I “Plug and Play” or do I need any other equipment?

Our packages comes with everything you need to “Plug and Play” your video screen to your current computer or video equipment. Your Video Wall acts like an external screen to your computer setup via HDMI or other connection. Your video processor and video controller (included in your package) allow you to do this and play several different media inputs, so that no extra equipment is required.

How do I install my LED video wall?

At LED Solutions Pro we are all about helping churches be good stewards with their money. This being said, many churches have enough manpower to install the video wall themselves with our Free Training and Guidance. We also have other options like having our Project Manager go onsite to guide and train your team through their install for a nominal fee and travel expenses. Or, if you wish for us to do a full install, we can assist with that at a nominal fee and travel expenses.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Our warranty is included in the overall price. We offer a 24-month warranty on all of our LED Wall panels.

What if I want to change the shape of my LED video wall?

With LED panels you have the flexibility to create multiple designs and change the shape as many times as you want. Our team of technicians is here for you to help you to re-design your screen.

How Much Does an LED Wall cost?

There is no simple answer. These factors listed below will affect the overall cost.

1.) Pixel Pitch: The lower the pixel pitch, the higher the cost.

2.) Size: The larger the wall, the more panels you’ll need.

3.) Refresh Rate: Refresh Rates 3840hz and higher are referred to as “high refresh rate”. This will contribute to a high panel cost.

4.) Installation Method: Your installation method will affect the overall cost.

Is there financing available?

We have a great Faith-Based 3rd Party Finance company. They have a heart to work with churches and have favorable terms. Upon quote request, ask for more details and app so we can better serve you.

Shipping and Returns

Your order is processed the same day as funds received. For “In Stock” items, they typically ship next day and arrive within 7 day in the U.S. and “Out of Stock” or “Custom Orders” typically arrive in 15-50 days based upon shipping method and location. There are no refunds on the Video Panels, but our team will work diligently to accommodate you for any adjustments you may need.